VOIP – Making the Plunge

OK, so I have been testing VOIP for the past few weeks with a free VOIP line from Galaxy Voice in Newton, MA. I think Im going to make the plunge and use it in place of my existing residential line. I have started the process of preparing my residential number for porting to Galaxy. This is actually a bit of work because porting a wireline phone number requires that:

  • The line is clear of any DSL service (I used to have DSL on this line)
  • There are no additional distinctive ring numbers on the line (I have two “Ringmate” numbers)
  • There are no outstanding service orders/requests

If any of the above are true – the port will fail. So im starting down the path now of making sure DSL is officialy removed, the Ringmate numbers are disconnected and the service orders for both are closed. Once that is done Galaxy can start the port process and the real fun begins.

Galaxy uses RNK for their VOIP service. RNK provides E911 services and so far seems pretty reliable. The VOIP Adapater that Im using is from Sipura and its plugged into the server and network UPS so I should continue to have phone service if the power fails. In any event I still have business lines here with Verizon so the loss of the residential line would never be more than a minor convenience.

Ill keep you posted!

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