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VOIP – The Plunge is Complete

My residential line is now fully converted to VOIP. After clearing my home phone of some RingMate numbers (distinctive ring numbers from Verizon) I initiated a port request with Galaxy Voice by faxing in a Letter of Authorization. Approximately 5 business days later they informed me by e-mail that the port was complete. I verified that my residential line went dead and the number was now ringing on the VOIP line.

Some interesting items of note:

  • Sound quality is excellent. Virtually indistinguishable from the land-line it replaced.
  • I had a couple of glitches completing a call to the UK. After re-trying later it worked fine though.
  • When I call people they get my phone # on their caller ID but no name (this isnt such a bad thing!).
  • Im loving the ability to tweak my features/settings via the web.
  • The VOIP line is FREE!

Bottom line: Im glad I did this. I was paying $60/Month for a land line that I rarely used. This has been replaced with a free line with more features. For $20/Mo. I can get unlimited calling to just about anywhere I care to call (US plus about 20 countries). 911 supposedly works (hopefully I never get to test it) – however I am still glad I have some traditional land lines in the house for my business. I don’t think I would be totally comfortable having VOIP as my exclusive phone service – Im just not totally trusting of the public Internet when it comes to 100% reliability. A land line phone just works when you need it.

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